Students and Recent Graduates:

The last several years of your life have provided you with new and exciting challenges on a daily basis. As your college career comes to an end, and you're thinking about starting your next career, consider an industry where the opportunities are limitless. The energy industry provides you with access to a fast-paced, global work environment, where you will use the most cutting-edge technology to solve the world's toughest problems. As an industry leader, Rudra can provide you with the tools and training needed to solve these problems, accomplish new goals, and develop your talent as the future of the industry.

Are you up for the challenge?

Interviewing Tips

Got an interview coming up? Set yourself up for success by being prepared, self-assured and knowledgeable. These tips can get you going in the right direction.

Arrive early to the interview.

Arrive prepared with a hard copy of your resume/CV and your transcript (unofficial is fine).

Visit beforehand so you understand the business.

Find recent press releases on so you'll know the latest news about the Company.

Be confident.

If interviewing on campus, make sure to attend the Company's information session (if available). This gives you more time to shine during the interview rather than asking questions that were already answered in the Company presentation.

Be ready to distinguish yourself from the rest of the students who have your same major and graduation date and who are interviewing for the same position.

Avoid nervous mannerisms throughout the interview, stay focused, be a good listener and speak clearly and confidently.

Be prepared to ask a few questions. We do a good job at our information sessions, but you must have one or two questions left unanswered.

If you describe an attribute of yours that is relevant to the position, be prepared to support your claim with examples that illustrate your attribute and how you have applied it successfully. Feel free to draw from your past work experience, course work or projects, even student organization or volunteer opportunities.

When presented with a difficult question, take a moment to develop your response rather than blurting out inconsistent, unorganized thoughts.

Ask for a business card so you can follow up with the recruiter in case you do not hear back within the stated time frame.

After the interview, send the recruiter a thank-you note reinforcing your interest in the position and your appreciation for his or her time.

Above all else, be honest and be yourself.

Good luck!


At Rudra, we know that our people are our most valuable asset. To remain an industry leader, we're always looking for talented individuals from the world's leading institutions to join the Rudra team. Our internship programs offer you the chance to gain the skills and experience you need to become a success in your field and potentially become full-time employees with Rudra. Through Rudra's internship and co-op opportunities, you'll have the chance to:

Receive the hands-on industry experience you need to evolve your talents, abilities and ideas

Gain practical experience in some of the most challenging and rewarding environments

Apply your classroom knowledge while developing and expanding your technical, business and leadership skills

Leave behind a legacy by working on meaningful projects and assignments individually, as well as in group settings

Learn the business through daily interactions with industry professionals

Grow your network by participating in various developmental activities with other interns.

If you're happy going on coffee runs for the summer, this is not the internship for you. We are looking for bright, self-motivated students who are looking to grow and develop as effective communicators and leaders.

Rudra Internship Programs

Our interns contribute more than just their time; they contribute to the overall success of the Company by bringing their motivation, fresh ideas and expertise to their jobs. Depending on your area of interest, there are also global projects you can have the opportunity to assist with.